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Mariamar - Isabella's Mom


My kids are amazing and they are my inspiration. Isabella came to me at 8 years old that she wanted to start her business. At 8 years old! So we started with $20 and her dream of being a designer and animal rescuer. She has taught me what I am capable of and has taken me to new personal heights. Children posses this "magic" where they have no fear, see no obstacles and find new ways to accomplish their goals. As long as my kids keep going with their aspirations, so will we. We truly are making a difference one bow at a time and I can't wait to see the great things that they will do and become.

My Family


My family is everything. My parents have supported me with my dreams and have never told me no. My brother, Lucas comes out every single time to help me sell my bows. I am blessed to be able to be a designer and give back even if it's just a little bit to animals. I love animals and I love designing, and I can do both with the love and support from my family. Thank you visiting my website and being a part of my dream. - Isabella Masso

Moose and Lily


It is with great pleasure to introduce to you our delightful pack. Lily Bear "The Licker" Masso is a wire-haired Dachshund Terrier Mix and she is on the GA Doxie Racers. She loves to run and loves to lick. Moose "The Tank" Masso is a Blue Nose American Pitbull and he is 70 lbs of love and personality. He is great ambassador representing his breed.

Lisa Plummer Savas


Lisa Plummer Savas is a writer, editor, blogger and journalist dedicated to spreading awareness about animal welfare and cruelty issues throughout the globe. She has written for a wide variety of animal-related publications, including Dogster, Catster and Lucky Puppy magazines. When not on deadline you'll likely find her practicing yoga, hanging out with her best friend and husband (Chris Savas), or playing "mom" to two very spoiled German Shepherds.

Chris Savas Photography


 Chris Savas is a veteran photographer whose career has spanned well over 30 years. Since picking up his first camera at 7 years of age, photography has always been his greatest passion.  Besides his reputation as a well-respected corporate event photographer in the U.S. and abroad, Chris is also known for photographing celebrity talent, from well-known political figures to film, sports and music icons. 

Lindsi Jones Photography


Lindsi Jones is an artist and professional photographer. She is a professional wedding and portrait photographer and has spent the last decade traveling North America  and photographing life – Weddings, portraits, and events. She is an active member of Professional Photographers of America and the Georgia Professional Photography Association. For every wedding Lindsi does a portion goes to  Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary. 

Patriot K9


Patriot K9 services the Metro Atlanta area along with neighboring counties. We offer a wide variety of services such as but not limited to; basic & advanced obedience, behavior modification, competitive obedience, private lessons/packages, pet sitting, taxi services, and more.
We offer servicemen such as law enforcement, firefighter, paramedic and military discounts. We also offer discounts to rescue organizations and adopters. 

Balu The American Bully


Balu has turned into a social media sensation and is also Isabella's biggest fan. Owned by Juliane and Sammy Garcia, you can find Balu at almost every event that Isabella participates in. He was also the show stopper as he strutted his stuff in his famous Tuxedo at the 2016 Marietta Muttro Fashion show. He was a cross between Men In Black and Magic Mike. We love him and you will definitely be seeing more of him in the near future. With over 169K views and counting on Isabella's Pet Shop FaceBook and now Youtube; you can also follow him on his instagram: Balu The American Bully. 

Atlanta Pet Life


Mary Gayle, Stacey and Bill have been an integral part of Isabella's success.  Atlanta Pet Life Magazine’s mission is to provide more informative content and an improved product to the Pet Community of Atlanta.It is geared to the unique lifestyle of our great pet city and all surrounding markets. The magazine is a quarterly publication and features geographical areas and local pet heroes in different editions. We hope you find it a useful and entertaining publication that truly captures our communities vibrant pet life style! 

Thank You for Making this Happen


We could not do any of this without you! Yes You! 

  • The one who is reading this post,
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  • and who have supported Isabella. 
  • Thank You! 

Big News... Stay Tuned


Great Things are happening at Isabella's Pet Shop.  Make sure to keep up with the latest news and please contact us with your pet pictures, awesome testimonials and questions at

Ball Pythons Unimited


     Owned and operated by my dad Isaac Masso,      Ball Pythons Unlimited is a culmination of a lifelong passion for reptiles. Big and small, my dads love for reptiles began at the age of nine; starting with a baby corn snake, which eventually turned into many reptiles. He has successfully bred multiple species of reptiles including colubrids, such as corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes and pythons such as burmese, retics and now specializing in ball python morphs. He is a hit every year at my schools Career Day. Contact my Dad with any of your reptile questions, he's the best!